Sparks Class

Ages 18 month - 2.5 y/o

Welcome to our early childhood program, a vibrant and interactive learning environment designed for young children. We believe that every child is naturally curious and has the potential to thrive in a nurturing and safe setting. Our experienced caregivers are committed to creating meaningful learning experiences that encourage exploration, discovery, and connection with the world around them. We work closely with families to ensure that each child’s individual needs and interests are met, and that they feel supported and valued in our program. Our goal is to provide a positive and enriching experience that inspires a love of learning and ignites the imagination of young minds.

The Curriculum

Our goal is to instill confidence and develop powerful young citizens who have the desire to ask questions, the skills to analyze, and the opportunity to act on their ideas. We do not believe in forced time lines and standardized expectations. Our integrated approach means we discuss Literacy, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Arts utilizing symbolic childhood languages.


We begin with exploration and experimentation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These are the fundamentals that all science is based. We practice familiarity with science vocabulary and documentation.


We are born with the desire to communicate, to understand, and to be understood. In combination with teaching English literacy, Language Lab explores multiple languages through songs and play.


Creativity is not taught, it can be practiced, nurtured, and expressed. The work of educators is to collaborate with students to provide them the opportunities to build their imagination library. We learn how to see our environment and participate in collaborative relationships.